Facebook Ads Vs Boosted Posts

Since I found Facebook ads I have stopped boosting posts. 

When I first started paid advertising on Facebook I was only taught about boosting posts. ​I was the Business Developer for an escape game company, my main task was designing and building new games. I got a taste for marketing when my very creative team decided to make a very engaging post and asked our Marketing Manager to boost the post for us.


That post was a big turning point for us. We had a sign up sheet and we had a huge response from people wanting a discount on their next game. We grew as a team and felt we could do more in the future so we took to designing more engaging posts. We boosted post after post and we seemed to have found our target audience. Our sales grew by 400% over the next 3 months. But then we seemed to plateau.

Keeping things engaging is key

It seemed to us that our posts were being seen by the same people and the people were becoming ​less engaging. We persisted by offering more discounts and designing engaging material. I have moved on from that company now to take over marketing for the sister company a co-workspace.

The discounting options are much more limited for the co-workspace and the ​challenge was on. I spent quite some time learning about my product to have a good understanding. I also learned from the limitations of boosting posts so I did a lot of research on different marketing options for the new business before I carried on boosting posts as the marketing manager had been before me.

This is when I found Facebook ads...

Facebook ads are much different from boosting with the main idea that you can post up to 6 pictures with the same content. You do have many more options but this was the winner for me. I can post the same ad 6 times with a different picture that can be more, or less, appealing to different people! It's now early stages for me so we will see how things pan out and I will keep you all posted. Lets just say, I don't think I will be going back to boosting posts anytime soon.

Stay tuned to find out how this turns out...​

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My name is Danial and I am a Digital Marketer. I started out as a tradesman and worked my way up to a supervisor in the company I worked for. Then I moved to Thailand for a complete change in lifestyle and career. I found myself as the game writer and designer for a popular escape game company as well as turning things around for a leading co-workspace in Bangkok. Now I travel the world working from my laptop and I love it!

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