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Solo Ads

What is a Solo Ad?

Solo Ads are clicks that comes from Email Blasts, or Campaigns. You can purchase a set number of clicks from various solo ad sellers. People receive the email about your offer (email swipe). If they like what they read, they will click on the ad. As soon as a unique person clicks, that is a solo ad click, they will then be directed to your opt-in page, sales page or lead page.

Solo Ads are used most in Business Opportunities, make money online offers, Work From Home, Weight Loss, diet, Personal Development & now Cryptocurrency offers. This is because Solo ads are a highly-scalable PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic source. They are different from other red-tape-intensive self-serving PPC networks such as Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. With Solo Ads There is No Red Tape and No Limitations!

Traditional Pay Per Click sources are painfully slow. First obstacle you bump against is the endless hoops you must jump through to get your offer listed on the network and approved by the mods, which can take weeks to see results, not days or mere hours. A solo ad campaign can be set up in a few minutes and delivered within a few hours to 3 days at most.

Using Our Solo Ads

Simply chose the package below that suits you. Add your unique affiliate link that you want the traffic to go to in the field provided and click the Add to Cart button. Your shopping cart will open at the bottom of the page. Check your order and then check out with PayPal.

Guaranteed 85% Tier 1 Traffic

Solo Ads - 100 clicks
Price: $40.00


Solo Ads - 150 clicks
Price: $58.00


Solo Ads - 200 clicks
Price: $76.00